13 Simple Ways To Relieve Stress Instantly

Stress is unfortunately an everyday thing for many people. The world runs on stress these days. The work & success obsessive culture today thrives on it. It almost encourages it because stress means you’re productive. And that means you’re successful. Whatever being successful is. 

The development of technology and the rise of social media have made it even worse. Not that we’re anti-technology in this blog, we are posting this on the internet after all. We think social media has incredible benefits. But, it has given us direct access to people at ALL TIMES. You can be reached by work outside of work hours. There’s less separation between work life and personal life. 

This whole phenomenon, and other factors, have increased stress levels a lot. More and more people are constantly fatigued. So many people can’t even enjoy the product of their hard work because they’re always stressed. That’s no way to live. We all deserve to have time off, to feel at peace. 

But, it’s not like everyone can abandon their responsibilities. Most people have to work. And, even if you love your job, you’re gonna get stressed at some point. The best thing we can do is learn to take care of ourselves. Learn ways to manage and decrease stress.

There are things you can do to feel better in moments of stress. Habits that calm your mind or make you focus on other things. In this article, we’ll give you some ways to relieve stress. Some of them are good to implement regularly to decrease chronic stress. 

We hope you put our suggestions in place when you’re feeling stressed. And, that they help you relieve stress and feel better.


Take a walk

I find walking to be one of the most calming activities you can do. 

Long walks are like medicine to my heart when I’m stressed or sad. 

Especially if you go on walks through nature. Connecting to nature is unlike anything else. Nothing feels more calming than being in nature.  If you live in a city with little access to nature, a nice park will do the trick. Walk along the park and pretend


Doing any type of exercise when you’re stressed can be a lifesaver. Find something you like and do it consistently. 

Exercise boosts serotonin so it’s proved to help when you’re feeling down. I promise you’ll feel liberated after a good workout.


Meditation is one of the best ways to combat stress & anxiety. It will help you disconnect from your mind. Sometimes there’s so much going through our heads that it gets overwhelming. 

Learning to let go of stressful thoughts makes a world of difference. 

It’s a brilliant way to relieve stress instantly. If you make it a habit it will help you combat chronic stress long-term as well.


There’s nothing like getting a journal and getting everything you’re feeling down on a page. 

Whenever I write what I’m feeling down, it feels like a sort of liberation. Like I’m letting go of those thoughts in a way. Even if it doesn’t solve the situation, it feels good to express yourself.

Who said a little complaining hurts? We all need to do it sometimes. That doesn’t mean you should wallow in self-pity. But, the reality is that there are stressful situations in life. We all go through them. If writing about what is stressing you out, helps, that’s okay.

Talk to a loved one

There’s a reason we need family and friends around. When you’re feeling bad, they’ll be your strength.  

Don’t you find that after talking to a friend you feel like a weight was lifted off your shoulders?. I almost always do. Keeping things in does no good. Most times you end up exploding. 

I recommend you open up to friends and family about what you’re going through. About whatever is causing you stress. It may feel vulnerable, but vulnerability pays off. You feel better once you talk it out. It’s like a release. 

You may even find solutions when you put two heads together. If you don’t, simply getting it off your chest helps.


Put on your favorite song, make space in your room, and have a dance party. With yourself or whoever is around. 

This might sound silly but sometimes being silly is what we need. It’ll take your mind off your worries for a while. Plus dancing is a great serotonin booster

Read a book

If you’re feeling like a more chill activity, reading is the best. Nothing compares to getting sucked into a book. Whatever is stressing you out will seem miles away. 

For a while, it will help you focus on something other than yourself.  If you’re super stressed I recommend light-hearted books. You don’t wanna cause yourself more stress.

Listen to calming music

Music has the power to make any situation better. Even stressful ones. 

Lots of people find music to be relaxing & uplifting. I wouldn’t recommend punk rock or metal when you’re stressed. Since the beats can be kind of intense. 

Maybe go for acoustic music or any song that makes you happy. For me, that’s any One Direction song. To each their own, I guess. 

Classical music would be the best choice though. If you’re really trying to relax.


Coloring requires concentration. You have to be so concentrated on not messing up that you end up forgetting anything else. 

It’s not for nothing that coloring books for adults are so popular. It’s been found that they’re a great way to relieve stress. There is a huge variety of them too. From the traditional mandalas to Van Gogh’s paintings. 

If you don’t wanna buy a coloring book, get creative. You can draw things yourself, do whatever you want. You could even draw something to represent how you’re feeling. That could help get it off your chest too.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine increases cortisol. You definitely don’t wanna increase your cortisol when you’re already stressed. It won’t do you any good. 

Reach for water, herbal tea, or go decaf when you’re stressed.

Positive self-talk

I don’t know about you but 90% of the time I’m stressed, it’s because I overthink. Because I doubt myself or think something is going to go wrong. Basically negative talk.

Talking negatively to ourselves is the origin of many evils. Taking steps to have more positive self-talk will do wonders for you in every way. Not only will it reduce stress, but It’ll also increase your self-esteem. It’s a habit you should develop as a long-term tool to reduce stress. 

But, if you’re looking for quick solutions after a stressful day, It’ll help too. When we’re stressed, we tend to have more negative thoughts. Talking yourself out of that negative self-talk could help reduce those stress levels.

Watch a comforting movie or tv show

We all have comfort films or tv shows. Try a movie you liked to watch as a kid. A tv show that takes you back to happier times. Anything that makes you laugh is a safe choice. 

Avoid watching sad or scary movies. Although they can be some of the best films, they touch on delicate subjects sometimes. You wanna stay away from anything that could cause more stress. 

The safest way is to watch something you’ve already seen. Something you know you like and feel good after. 

Movies and Tv shows can bring intense emotions out of us. Let’s try to bring excitement and happiness. Losing yourself in those emotions will help you combat stress.

Do something you love

The ultimate best thing to do when you’re stressed is do something you love. An activity that brings you happiness. Something you’re passionate about. Whatever that is for you. 

Nothing will keep your mind off stressful situations like it. Nothing will calm you down like the happiness of doing something you love.


It’s not about running from things. We all need to face things eventually. But, sometimes things don’t have immediate solutions. Maybe you’re so stressed you feel blocked and can’t even think of solutions. It’s okay to take time to decompress and go back to it later.

Stress clouds our judgment. You’ll be better off taking time to relieve your stress. Then going back to find solutions for any problem when you feel calmer. I guarantee you’ll make better decisions when you’re relaxed. You won’t have the stress keeping you from thinking clearly. 

Incorporate our suggestions above into your daily or weekly routine. If you learn to make self-care a part of your life all the time, not only when you’re stressed. You won’t get as stressed. 

Self-care can’t be a once in a while thing. It needs to become a habit. That way you’ll avoid getting crazy stressed when situations arise. And, you’ll know how to deal with it when you get stressed. You’ll know what works for you.

Tell us what helps YOU when you’re stressed? We can all learn new ways to cope with stress from each other.

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  1. Much appreciated blog post! Thankful for your tips. I definitely find journaling as my go to way of coping with stress, but I also think just the simplicity of going on a walk, meditating or prayer helps with clearing your head and relieving stress.

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