How Angel Numbers Work & What They Mean

Have you ever wondered how angel numbers work? Maybe you’ve heard of messages we get from our guardian angels. Perhaps you have no idea what this term means but you’ve found yourself seeing a pattern of numbers EVERYWHERE. So much so that it feels strange, like maybe there’s more to it than a random set of numbers. 

Maybe the first time you checked your phone it was exactly 3:33. Then, something you bought was 33.3. Later on, a voice message sent to you was 3:33 minutes long. 

It might seem like a simple strange coincidence,

but that’s not necessarily true

If you’re randomly seeing a certain set of numbers everywhere you turn. Perhaps, it’s the universe, your spirit guides, angels, or whatever you like to call them, trying to tell you something. That’s how angel numbers work, they show up as a reminder of what your guides want you to know. 

Although there are ways for us to connect to our spirit guides, most humans are not consciously in contact with their spiritual guides. But they’re constantly communicating with us or trying to, through our intuition, through the little voices in our heads, or sometimes through sending us physical signs, like angel numbers. 

So, if you ever see a set of numbers everywhere you go again, or you randomly feel called to a certain number, trust your intuition. It’s probably more than just a number. Maybe it’s a message you desperately need to hear. 

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How angel numbers work is that they show up as number sequences, usually a pattern of 3, but it could be more. They can be a repetition of a certain number like 111 or 222. But, they can also be patterns like 1234, 321, or 1212. 

When you see a set of numbers persistently in random ways, that’s what we call angel numbers. They’re called that because they have a spiritual meaning. It’s also believed that they’re sent by our spirit guides or angels, depending on what you call them. 

They’re not numbers that show up randomly, they come to us when we need them. This is the way the universe communicates with us. It’s how it sends us messages or signs that we need. 

how angel numbers work


Angel numbers can represent many things. It depends on which numbers show up and on how you interpret them. 

We all have a connection to the spiritual realm, whether we think we do or not. We’re part of the universe, and the universe is a part of us. But, we’re also made of skin and bone, and usually, our minds dominate us. 

For that reason, the spiritual needs a way to get in touch with us. There has to be a way to interpret their messages someway we can process them, That’s where angel numbers come in. They act as a physical embodiment of the spiritual. 

These numbers are what our soul needs to hear during a particular moment in time. 

Our spiritual guides can use it for many things. Some of those uses include pointing us towards a certain path, giving us a heads up, sending us a message, or simply telling us that they’re there. It can be just that, a demonstration of their guidance and support. A way to remind us that we’re accompanied in our path. 

how angel numbers work


Angel numbers can show up anywhere, you just need to be open to receiving the messages that are meant to you.

If you open your heart to it, you stay aware and observant, what needs to come to you will come. What is not meant for you, won’t come. It’s as simple as that. 

That doesn’t mean you have to be in a place of total faith in your guides and spirituality in general. Having doubt and questions is the most natural human thing there is. That might be when you need guidance the most. You just might not be conscious of the messages when you’re in that state.

Just try to make it a habit to always look out for numbers and notice patterns, even when you’re not feeling your best. 

Remember that your spirit guides want you to thrive, they’re always trying to help you in ways you may not even notice. 

They’re a part of you, which means you can always get their help. Keep an open mind and work to connect with them. You might get exactly the message you need.

how angel numbers work


There’s no rule on how angel numbers can or can’t present themselves to you. You can basically see them anywhere.

Many people see them in license plates, when they check the time, in posters, book pages, or even in the price of something they buy. 

But, angel numbers are not reserved for physical things. That’s not how angel numbers work. You could see them in your dreams, or you could even feel a calling to an angel number while daydreaming. Some people are very connected to their dream world, so they get messages through it which totally counts as well. 

The key is the feeling they give you. It doesn’t matter where you see them. If your soul tells you it’s a message, listen to it.

how angel numbers work



This angel number is a super powerful manifestation symbol. There’s a reason people tell you to make a wish at 11:11. 

If you see it, you’re in the BEST moment to make your thoughts a reality. But remember, this can either go for better or for worse. 

If you’re having positive thoughts, you’ll manifest positive things, but that’s also true for the opposite. Be very mindful of mindset. 

It’s a huge sign from your angels that this is the best time to make all your dreams come true. Get to work and manifest everything you desire. The appearance of this angel number means you have all the support from the universe. 


This pattern is all about balance. It’s a sign that there’s a lack of balance in your life. Maybe there’s some conflict going on, you’re under a lot of pressure, or you’re being too hard on yourself. It could even mean you need more balance between your personal and professional life. 

It can refer to anything that is keeping you from feeling balanced and aligned with the universe. 

Stop worrying so much. This angel number also means people are looking out for you. Take some time to restore balance in your life, do things for yourself, and reach out for help if needed.


This angel number is a beautiful sign to get. It means that your angels and spirit guides are with you at all times. They’re protecting you and guiding you. Be open o receiving their messages.

If you’re ever feeling alone or confused, remember your guides are ALWAYS with you. This angel number is a sign that they’re around you at all times. 

When this angel number presents itself, take it as a sign of how loved and protected you are. This is how angel numbers work in our favor. If we have faith in what they mean, they make us feel safer.


This number represents a need for a change in your life. Maybe you’ve been feeling stuck or something isn’t working out. 

It’s a sign that it’s time for change and that change is on its way. It may not necessarily be a massive change but it WILL l have a positive impact on you.


There’s something in your mindset or your lifestyle that isn’t in alignment with who you’re meant to be. 

You may be out of touch with who you truly are and you need to focus on reconnecting with spirituality. 

This number sequence sometimes gets a reputation for being a bad sign, but that’s not the case with angel numbers. It simply means you need to connect with yourself and the universe to find your way back to your true self.


If you see this angel number, be very happy you did. This one means you’re on the right path. So, whatever you’re doing when you see it, keep it up. 

The path you’re on is aligned with the true purpose the universe has for you.


This is a sign of abundance. It tends to be seen as a symbol of financial abundance and that’s right, but it’s not all there is to it.

888 is a sign that abundance is coming in various ways. You’re getting the benefits of the hard work you’ve put in before. This can mean an abundance of love, purpose, a sense of peace, friendships, etc.


Get ready. If you see this angel number it means MAJOR changes are coming soon.  

It’s the completion of an era and the beginning of a new one. That means there’s been a lot of growth within you that is moving you in a different direction. 

You’re transitioning into a new chapter of your life.


This number is a sign that it’s time to focus on YOU. It’s time to focus on your personal development and spirituality. 

A spiritual awakening is coming and you need to be ready. Focus on raising your vibration and being your most positive self. 

Keep working towards the life you want and the person you wanna be.


Believe in yourself. That’s what this angel number is trying to tell you. 

You’re on the right path to achieving your goals. You just need to have faith and things will fall into place. Keep doing what you’re doing.


So basically, that’s how angel numbers work. They are simple but powerful tools. They just require keeping an open mind, an open heart, and staying aware of our surroundings. 

They’re a great way to establish a connection to the universe and to your spirit guides. You could even use them as a tool if you’re trying to connect with your spiritual guides for the first time. You can simply ask them for a sign through angel numbers. 

As simple as they may seem, they can be of so much help. They can be a huge sign of reassurance, guidance, and clarity. 

There are almost endless amounts of angel numbers too. Therefore, there’s an infinity of messages you can receive. We will surely teach you more about other angel numbers in the future.


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