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We all need help in our personal development journeys in some way. You may like the idea that you can do everything on your own, but the reality is that you can’t. There will always come a time that we need help in some way, whether that be help from a friend to motivate us, books to educate us, or a podcast to inspire us. Or, maybe some apps for personal development to guide us. 

Lucky for us, living in the 21st century has given us access to the wonder that is the internet, to apps. More specifically, apps for personal development. 

In this day and age, there are thousands of apps available. There’s an app for anything you could possibly imagine. Help is everywhere, it’s right at our fingertips.

It’s never been easier to work on personal development on your own than it is now. 

The huge variety of apps for personal development available means you’ll find an app to help you in ANY area that you could think of. 

Nothing is out of your reach. In fact, with the number of resources that exist, our growth, dreams, and goals are closer than ever.

Insight Timer

I’m sure most of us have had someone in our lives talk our ear off about the new meditation app they found. Headspace and Calm are the most well-known ones. They’re both great, but I found that if you want to stick to the free versions of them, the options are kind of low.

I really wanted a good app with A LOT of free meditations, I’ve been looking for one for a while with no luck. That’s until I was told about Insight Timer. 

It may not ring a bell, it’s not as talked about as headspace or calm, but it definitely should be. 

It has a HUGE variety of meditations available for free. The best part is that it has meditations focused on pretty much any topic you could think of. It goes from meditations for manifesting to ones for letting go of fears.

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If you want a way to make your habits stick, and your goals easier to reach, this is the perfect app for you. Daily Planner is an app designed to help you organize and keep track of the habits you want to maintain.

It allows you to choose whichever habits you’d like to incorporate into your life. You can also decide which days you want to do each thing, and the app will send out a reminder for you. 

It’s a great way to stay consistent and be accountable.

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There’s a reason everyone raves about Notion. It’s the end all be all to have an organized life. This app allows you to manage anything going on in your life. You can use it to take school notes, manage your business, plan a trip, literally anything you like. 

MindSpa is an app for personal development that focuses on self-care, mental health & intellectual growth.

It has so many amazing tools to help you make inner progress. There’s a diary section of the app that asks you about your mood, and it gives you prompts to make you reflect on how you’ve taken care of yourself that day. 

MindSpa also has a section called Psychosutra that I think is incredibly helpful. Basically, this tool is a way to help you deal with any feelings you may be having. You can choose from a list and the app gives you an explanation of the feeling, and MOST importantly, it gives you an exercise to help you process that feeling. 

It also has a section of courses on topics like developing emotional intelligence, reducing stress, dealing with loneliness, amongst others. But, these courses, unlike the other tools, are not for free.

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Do you want to learn new things? Get into reading? But you find it hard to concentrate, to read for a long time without getting distracted. If that sounds familiar, you should try Audible. 

It’s an app that has thousands of audiobooks available from any genre you could think of. You have to pay for most, but they have some free ones. 

Audiobooks are a great option if you find it hard to stay still for long enough to read a book or if you’re super busy, but you still want to get your reading in. You can listen to audiobooks while you’re driving, cleaning, or even working out, so it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

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I AM is a daily affirmations app. It gives you different affirmations every day and sends reminders to read them or say them out loud. You can customize what you want to focus on, like positive thinking, building self-love, gratitude, amongst other things. The app will take your goals into consideration to choose your affirmations. 

Daily affirmations will help you develop a more positive mindset and self-perception with time. So, when it comes to apps for personal development, this one is key.

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A big part of self-development is learning new things. Learning a language is a great way to expand your mind and open up to different cultures. Duolingo is a great app if you want to practice a language.

I wouldn’t say you could completely learn a language by only using Duolingo, but it is a way to practice.


You’ve probably watched a Ted-talk before, some of them have even gone viral over the years. They’re long talks from experts on all kinds of subjects.

You’ll find video conferences about business, science, creativity, relationships, and even random life lessons. They’re a fun way to learn new things about subjects you may be interested in or they could even be a way to find some life guidance in an area you’re struggling with. And, they’re usually given by very cool and interesting people.

A big part of personal development, as we’ve mentioned before, is learning. It might even be the most important thing to do for growth. Opening your mind to things you know nothing about expands your mind and makes you more educated, which can only make you a more empathetic & well-rounded person. Coursera will be a wonderful ally in that journey

StoryGraph is the social media of the book community. It’s an app to keep a record of the books you’re reading. Unlike Goodreads, StoryGraph’s way more popular sister, StoryGraph lets you give half-star ratings. It also gives you recommendations based on the moods you’re in, and it provides stats of your reading habits. 

It’s a great way to motivate yourself to read more.

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Using apps for personal development to help you in your journey makes it so much easier to maintain. I mean, nowadays most of us have our phones with us at all times. So, the tools to help you grow are ALWAYS available to you. 

We chose these apps for personal development for you because they all cover different sides of a self-improvement journey. The physical aspect, the emotional, the intellectual, the spiritual, and the mental are all included in this list. 

Use them as consistently as possible, and they’ll be a great ally to your personal development path.

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