Top 5 Places for a Great Breakfast in Guadalajara, Mexico

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I’d say the way to a city’s heart is through its gastronomy. Sharing food has always been a social experience that brings people together. When we want to celebrate a milestone, we go out to eat; on holidays, we prepare special meals; if we want to show someone our love, we bake for them. So the quality of a city’s food can influence our social life, it can make a city go from an okay experience to a top destination. In terms of food, Guadalajara could make way for one of the best culinary experiences. 

As one of the biggest cities in Mexico, it has a great mix of traditional Mexican food and international cuisine. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day we’ll begin by giving you some recommendations on where you can start your day off right in this beautiful city. 

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1. Café Chai

This restaurant is almost like a Guadalajara Classic at this point, it’s kind of like the city’s own fast-food chain without the fast-food factor, the food is fresh and their menu is very varied. You can find typical Mexican dishes like chilaquiles or enchiladas, as well as other basic international foods like hamburgers, pasta or pizza. The options are endless, if you’re a vegetarian or you’re trying to eat healthy, you’ll find something. They also have a buffet option during the weekends that you should definitely check out.  They are set in different locations but this one is our favorite:

Address: Av Terranova 1355, Providencia 4a. Secc, 44639 Guadalajara, Jal

Price range: $

2. Cotidiano

This restaurant has a great environment and even better food, you can find healthy options and it doubles as a food store so if you crave a snack after breakfast, they’ve got you covered. All the food there is great but we especially recommend their french toast & the “quesadillas de maíz morado” which is a traditional Mexican dish with the restaurant’s own twist that makes it a bit different. This restaurant in Guadalajara is a 10/10.

Address: Av. Rubén Darío 1533, Providencia 4a. Secc, 44639

Price range: $


3. Pastriva

If you’re someone that cares as much about how nice looking a restaurant is as how good the food is you’re in luck because in Pastriva you don’t have to give either up. It’s beautiful and the food is a must try, the full package. We recommend you try the chilaquiles (also a traditional Mexican dish) and the “costra de queso” sandwich. If you’re vegetarian, they’re open to take ingredients off to meet your needs and they also have a wide variety of pastries and drinks. They have 2 different locations in Guadalajara, but this one is our favorite:

Address: Av. Rubén Darío 648, Lomas de Guevara, 44657

Price range: $

4. En Punto Café

This café is small and kind of hidden but it’s worth a try, it has a bright yellow door that is sure to catch your attention so you won’t miss it. The coffee & baked goods are wonderful as well as their food options, we especially recommend the “punto y aparte” panini. 

Address: St. Juan Ruiz de Alarcón 211, Americana, Obrera, 44140

Prince range: $ 

5. Yolk and White

If you’re an egg fanatic (a phrase I never thought I’d use) you can’t miss yolk & white. As you can probably guess, it’s a theme restaurant centered around eggs in Guadalajara. But not to worry, if you’re not exactly the biggest fan of just eggs for breakfast, you can find options without them. In fact, our favorite dish is the french toast topped with fried plantains. I can confirm this tastes even better than it sounds, if that’s even possible. 

Address: Terranova 604, Prados Providencia, 44670

Prince range: $

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