Journal Prompts for Spiritual Development

There is a reason religion is one of the most powerful forces in society. As humans, we need to feel like there’s more to life than our everyday issues. Like our existence has a meaning other than eating, working, and sleeping. The need to have a relationship with something bigger than ourselves is human nature. It’s an expression of our spiritual side trying to come out.

Some people connect spiritually through religion, some through meditation. I would say journaling is a simple way to do it as well.

Journaling can help with many things. But, if you want to do it for spiritual development. You should try to focus your writing on spiritual-based topics. There are so many spiritual journaling prompts to try. These spiritual prompts will help you to know yourself. To find a connection with your spiritual side.

Reflecting on your spiritual beliefs is the first step to spiritual awakening

You have to connect with what spirituality is to YOU, not to everyone else. To have an honest spiritual journey, it needs to come from you. From the way your soul expresses spirituality. That is the only way you’ll actually be able to evolve spiritually. 

We created these journal prompts to help you do that. To be a tool for you to find your own way in this spiritual journey. By reflecting on your spiritual views, you’ll be able to connect with your purest spiritual self. It will help you embody what your soul is. 

We hope these journal prompts help you get insight into your spiritual self.


1. What does spirituality mean to you?

I would recommend you choose this as your first spiritual journal prompt. Before you begin exploring the many sides of your connection to the spiritual. It’s necessary to establish what spirituality even means to you. We all have a different definition. Depending on your experiences or family history, your views on spirituality may vary. You need to know before taking on some of the other journaling prompts. 

Being aware of what spirituality is to you will guide you on what to focus on. But remember, everyone is different. We’re all just trying to figure it out. Connect with yourself and focus on what spirituality is to YOU. Try not to let the opinions of others change your perspective too much. Stay pure to your personal views.

2. Why do you think being in touch with your spiritual side matters? How does it help you?

We all get into spirituality for a reason. You might have felt lost, confused, or in pain. The reasons don’t particularly matter. What does is remembering what those reasons are. 

When you forget WHY you’re on this path is when you lose your way. It’s important to always remember why you started & what keeps you going. 

Also, remember how spirituality has changed you for the better. There won’t be a better fire to keep you going down this road than that reminder.

3. When do you feel most connected to yourself & the world around you?

This is an essential question to ask yourself. If I had to summarize spirituality in one word, I would choose connection. Connection to our minds, bodies & soul. To other people, nature, or art, etc.

The main thing to develop in spirituality is to find a deeper connection to everything. We are all connected to everything as it is. All of us are a part of the universe, and the universe is a part of us. We’re all one. But, that idea tends to get lost. 

The intense external stimulants of this era can keep us from our inner selves. Technology has disconnected us from nature. This makes it much harder to feel one with the universe. But, that feeling is in there somewhere, we just need to find it. 

I guarantee you HAVE felt connected during several points in your life. You only need to recall what those moments are. The places, people, situations, or things that make you feel in touch with everything. That could even be music for some people.

4. What’s the difference between spirituality and religion to you? Do they go hand in hand?

We tend to think of religion as spirituality. For many people, religion is as far as spirituality goes. Reading the bible & following its rules. 

Well, let me tell you, that’s not all there is to spirituality. In fact, you can be spiritual and not be religious whatsoever. The two don’t HAVE to go hand in hand. 

Some people may find a connection to something bigger than themselves through religion. But many don’t. And that’s OKAY. 

There are many ways to advance spiritually without it. You can develop your spiritual side, and never step into a church or temple. Spirituality lives inside you, not in external things.

5. What higher power do you believe in? If you don’t have one, what higher power do you think you could believe in?

That higher power could be a god or the universe. But it could also be Nature or even yourself. 

Whatever it is for you. Find it. Having a power that feels bigger than yourself gives you peace. A sense of understanding & purpose.

6. Where do YOU find meaning or purpose?

Spirituality helps you feel like life is meaningful. Like there’s a reason for your soul to be here now. It helps guide you to find your soul’s true purpose. 

Being aware of when you feel like your life has meaning. What things make life meaningful and worth living. That could help you find your way in your spiritual journey. It could give a tell on what things to focus on developing spiritually.

7. What is your highest self like?

Your highest self is the very best version of yourself. The most spiritually awakened you could be. That version lives inside you, waiting to be unlocked. You just need to figure out what the highest self looks like for you. 

Think of the characteristics your highest self has. How they react to situations. What matters to them. Their lifestyle. 

Write anything that comes to mind when you think of your highest self. What matters isn’t external things. It’s not about how you look or what you own. It IS about your inner life. 

Knowing what that version of yourself looks like is the first step. When you know in detail, then you can work towards it with clear intentions.

8. What do you think your soul needs to learn in this lifetime? What is a life lesson that keeps popping up in your life?

Try to go deep inside you. Examine your life & your experiences. Think of the moments of most pain in your life. What could be the silver lining be? Our worst pain can be our best teacher. If we allow it to be. 

Sometimes situations repeat themselves because we need to learn a lesson from them. One that the universe has tried to teach before, but we did not listen. That may be why similar situations keep popping up in your life. 

Realizing what keeps popping up could help you figure out what your soul needs to learn in this lifetime. And, being aware of that is a huge step in any spiritual journey. It’s the way to grow spiritually.

9. When and/or where do you feel least connected to your inner self?

Inner connection is the key to spirituality. Being in touch with your inner self is what allows for spiritual growth. 

Pinpoint when, where, and with who you feel that way. And bring more of THAT into your life. 

More people that inspire you. Places that root you. Situations that make you connect.

10, Write your top core values & why they matter to you.

Sometimes we don’t even know what our core values are. It’s hard to act in a way aligned to them if you are unaware of what they are.

It’s important to be conscious of what matters to us. Acting out of alignment with your core values hurts your soul. Even if it’s unconscious and you don’t realize it. 

Being aware of what your core values are will even help you in relationships. You’ll know what to look for in people.

11. Does your lifestyle & actions align with your core values? Describe in which ways it does and in which ways it doesn’t.

Be very honest in this journal prompt. Examine & reevaluate your life. Figure out how aligned you really are with your values. Whether your actions & life reflect your core values. 

I recommend you do the last journal prompt beforehand. 

This prompt isn’t about judgment. Do it with the mindset that all you want is awareness. It doesn’t matter how aligned you are now. What matters is you’re taking a step to being more aware. And, you WILL do even better in the future.

12. Describe the people and/or things that have had the biggest impact on your spiritual journey.

We all have teachers down our journey. People & things that serve as lights to illuminate our path. Think about yours. Who are the people that taught you the most about spirituality? That inspired you to start your journey. 

Your biggest teachers could even be life events. Something that brought you pain & made you want to change. 

Think about where you’d be without those mentors. And express gratitude that the universe put that guidance in your way. 

  • What they taught you
  • Their beliefs & how they affected yours
  • Spiritual practices they introduced you to 
  • The things you admire about them

13. Do you think you are more than a body? What does that mean to you?

This is a big question. I know. I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves this at some point. 

It’s sort of the backbone of spirituality. That we’re more than a body, that we’re spirit too.

 It’s important to reflect on your personal views on this.

14. What is your stance on life after death?

This is one of the biggest questions humanity faces. We all want to know there’s more to life than what we see. That it doesn’t all end when we die. 

Find your personal answer to this question. Connect with yourself, with nature. You can leave logic behind if that helps. Do you have a feeling or hunch about it? And how does that affect the way you live? That’s the most important part. 

If you believe in reincarnation for instance. That could impact how you live in a different way than if you believe in a more Christian afterlife.

15. What does your soul want out of life?

There are so many external influences coming at us daily. Our parents’ expectations. The idea of success in society. These things stay with us whether we want them to or not. 

We may think we want to do certain things, but we may just think we HAVE to do them to feel accepted.

For instance, having children. In society, we’re taught that having kids is the ultimate joy. Some people may truly want to have kids, it may be a soul desire. But, for others, it could be something they think they have to do to feel accepted by society.

You have to deconstruct all the messages you’ve been told in your life

And separate what is an expectation and what is a true soul desire. 

What does your soul truly want to get from this life? Its deepest needs and desires. Think of what lights you up, what gives you purpose. 

This is so important to advance in your spiritual journey. To find true peace & connection. Think deeply when you do this prompt. Try to be as calm as possible. Do some meditation beforehand. Or, any other exercise that helps you connect with your inner self.

16. When does your ego take control the most?

An unhealthy ego can hold us back from so much. When it controls us, it can keep us from living a happy & peaceful life. It can even harm our relationships. 

Having a healthy ego is good. It means you have a positive perception of yourself. You know your worth but you don’t think you’re superior to others. 

A healthy ego makes you confident & self-aware. But, like anything, it’s possible to take it too far. 

An unhealthy ego, on the other hand, can be detrimental. It stems from fear & limiting beliefs. It keeps you from growth & sometimes compassion.

It’s important to be aware of when your ego is unhealthy. And when you’re acting from that ego instead of from your soul. Realizing in what scenarios your unhealthy ego takes over may help you avoid it.

17. What are your self-limiting beliefs?

This is one of the most important exercises we should all do. In case this term is unfamiliar to you. Self-limiting beliefs are the ideas you have about yourself that are negative. The self-perceptions that keep you from being happy & achieving what you want. 

They’re different for each person. Usually, they’re rooted in your past experiences. In things that people said about you, or even from the media you consumed. They can come from many sources. 

They’re any messages you tell yourself about yourself. Things you’ve taken as your truth. 

Some examples could be: I’m not smart enough or I don’t deserve love. Any belief about yourself that hurts you or keeps you from being your best self.

18. Which qualities does a spiritual person embody to you? What is their outlook on life?

What do you think of when a spiritual person comes to mind? Their qualities, how they react to situations, how they treat others. The kind of energy they give off. Their priorities in life. 

Think of what it means to be spiritual to you. Spiritual in day-to-day life. The lifestyle and mindset that entails. 

But, remember. Spirituality isn’t about the clothes you wear or how many crystals you own. It’s about how in touch you are with yourself. How connected you are to a higher power. To something bigger than yourself. 

However, we live in a material world. Most of us can’t go off to live in the woods. So, think of how you can embody spirituality in the world we live in. 

19. How do you think your childhood influenced your outlook on spirituality now?

We all had different upbringings. Many people grew up heavily influenced by religion. Some learned about more “new-age” spiritual practices. Some of us got taught about all aspects of spirituality. And, many we brought up with no belief system. 

No matter the case, your upbringing has an impact on you know. Detect the beliefs taught to you that are keeping you from growing spiritually. 

Being aware of everything that impacted you is the first step to letting go. To step away from your past self into your highest self.


If you’re here, you’re likely on a spiritual journey. Maybe you just started it, or you’ve been down this road for years. That doesn’t matter.

Regardless of how long you’ve cared about spirituality. We could all use some time to reconnect with our spiritual side. To reevaluate our beliefs on spirituality. As we evolve & advance down our path, our views will likely change. 

So, even if you’ve been down a spiritual path for a while, taking time for insight is always positive. 

These spiritual journal prompts are a fantastic way to do that. Journaling helps you get in touch with your deepest self. If you let go & you do it without expectations.

Don’t worry about how good your writing is. Release the desire to be perceived a certain way. None of that matters. Journaling is for YOU. No one will read your journal. 

Surrender to the writing. And you’ll see how easy it is to connect with yourself while journaling. How you’ll write things you didn’t even know lived inside you. 

We want to hear from you. What spiritual journal prompts would YOU recommend? Leave us a comment!

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