Podcasts For Your Self-Development Journey

As someone on a self-improvement journey, I’m always looking for new tools. If you’re here, I bet most of you are the same. We all want things to guide us through our path. To make it easier. 

Self-help books have always been the go-to way to do that. But, recently, self-development & spirituality podcasts have emerged. And let me tell you, they’re THE BEST.  

Podcasts are a great way to get your information in. Unlike books, they’re pretty quick. Books can take hours or even days to finish. Podcast episodes are usually an hour-long, maybe two at most. They give information way more concisely than books. 

Self-help books tend to be repetitive

The author can spend chapters explaining the same thing which can get boring. Podcasts are the opposite. They have way less time, so things move faster. Usually, they go straight to the point. 

If you’re on the not-so-patient side, try podcasts. The format is like a long conversation. It’s long enough that you can go in-depth into a subject. But, not so long that it gets repetitive and boring. 

If you don’t have time to read a ton of books, but you want to learn a lot of information. Podcasts are perfect for you. 

There are so many with all kinds of subjects related to self-development. From productivity, spirituality to world news. You can cover all areas of your self-improvement by listening to podcasts. 

We’ll be giving you some of our favorite self-development podcasts. We hope these help you on your way to becoming your best self. 

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What better person to learn from than the iconic Oprah. As someone with so much life experience, she definitely has lessons to teach. She also invites a lot of experts to speak. The episodes focus on spirituality. 

To quote from the podcast description. It’ll help you: “awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you.”


  • The power of vulnerability 
  • Understanding your emotional style

Each episode of this podcast is a conversation with a different guest. As the title says, it tries to have a positive impact on its audience. That may be by exposing them to something new or talking about taboo topics. What IS guaranteed is you’ll come out with new knowledge or a fresh perspective. 

Some of the topics discussed are mental health, body acceptance, and white feminism.


  • Charly Cox on Mental Health
  • Ben Hurst on Toxic Masculinity

Skinny Dipping centers around two best friends having conversations. Their talks involve everything about being a conscious human. From authenticity and vulnerability to being an imperfect environmentalist. 

You don’t know exactly what you’re going to get with this podcast. But, it’s always related to self-improvement in some way. 

The two women that lead it are young, open-minded & creative. These traits make them interesting voices to hear from.


  • Stop waiting, start creating: creativity, our inner child & the divine feminine 
  • The Body & radical self-love: body positivity vs neutrality, recovering from an ed

Almost 30 is focused on conscious evolution. You’ll get conversations between 2 women and occasional guests. They cover everything in the self-development spectrum. From health to spirituality to psychology. 

It’s a great place to find tools and information for your self-development journey. 

With over 400 episodes, you’ll have content for a long while. And so much to learn.


  • How to deal with the mother wound
  • Meet your soul

The best way to approach a self-development journey is to do it holistically. To look at all aspects of yourself: the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, and the physical. 

Our physical self is connected to our emotions and our soul. We need to take care of our whole selves if we want to be “well”. That’s where the Mind Body Green podcast comes in. 

This podcast specializes in wellness and health. It covers topics like foods to improve hormone health, stress, gut health, and self-love. 

If you want to improve your physical well-being, you’ll find useful information. It has over 300 episodes filled with it.


  • Why we’re all so stressed
  • The best foods for hormone health in your 20s, 30s, 40s & beyond


We’re so lucky nowadays to have so many tools available to us. By going online and clicking play on any podcast, you have so much information at your fingertips. 

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT. Be in control of your own self-development journey.

You have the power to get educated & find tools to help yourself. Podcasts are a great resource to do that. We’ll give you more suggestions in the future. 

We tried to cover all areas of self-development we consider important. Give them a chance. Hopefully, you’ll have fun & learn from them. 

We know you also have great recommendations to share. What are YOUR favorite self-development podcasts? Leave us a comment below.

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