Top 10 Movies for the Perfect Sleepover

See our picks for the perfect movies to host the sleepover everyone will remember

Choosing the perfect movie for a sleepover is hard, the mix of different tastes can make narrowing it down to one movie a nightmare so if you’re lost trying to find what to watch don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. We curated a list of mostly feel-good movies but we sprinkled different genres in there. Here are some movies we think EVERYONE at the sleepover could enjoy:

1. Booksmart


Booksmart by first-time director (at the time), Olivia Wide, is THE perfect sleepover movie in my opinion, not only is a beautiful strong female friendship at the center of it, it’s also fast-paced and super funny with an emotional side. A really cool thing about this film is that no character feels like a stereotype, they show you how they all go against the idea of who their highschool superlatives would tell you they are. Apart from just being a really fun ride, you’ll come out of it feeling extra grateful to be spending time with your best friend.

2. Twilight


If you’re looking to feel like you’re the main character in a weird through the late 2000s, twilight is the way to go. Whether you’re a super-fan of the saga, you consider it your guilty pleasure or you’ve never seen it, I guarantee a good time in your sleepover if you go into it judging it for what it is: a fun vampire romance movie. Also, you can never go wrong watching Robert Pattison sulk for an hour and a half. 

3. Almost Famous


Almost Famous is the perfect movie for any occasion in my opinion. But if you mix this gem of a movie and a group of some of your best friends, magic is guaranteed. This movie follows a teenager that goes on tour with a rock band and gets to see everything that comes with tour life, including the parties and the groupies. 

Trust me, you’ll come out of it wishing you could either be best friends with Penny Lane or be her (or maybe like you simply have to start a rock band). You have to add it to your sleepover list!

4. The Social Network


If you’re in the mood for a more serious movie than the previous ones but one that is still fun, The Social Network by the great David Fincher, is the PERFECT movie for you. It follows the story of the creation of Facebook, which surprisingly gets quite intense, but the pace never feels too slow to watch at midnight and it always stays exciting. I can’t guarantee you won’t come out of it disliking Mark Zuckerberg but you will be glad you watched it. 

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again


Can you think of anything better than watching Lily James hanging out in Greece with three beautiful men and they all belt out the greatest hits from ABBA randomly? Cause I can’t. This movie will leave you energetic, happy, wanting to break out into song every 5 minutes and leave your life behind to move to a random Greek island, also maybe a tiny bit in love with Lily James but those are all good things. If you and your friends are into karaoke, dancing, or simply having a good time, this is the choice for you. Plus, any movie with Meryl Streep in it (even if she’s on for 5 seconds) is a must-watch. 

6. The Edge of Seventeen


Nothing says teen angst in a cool way like Edge of Seventeen does. I’d say this is one of the best coming-of-age movies in the last few years. The main character feels so much like a real teenager you’ll be able to see yourself in her (even more so if you were especially dramatic at 17). This movie will make you laugh out loud but it’s also super moving, if that didn’t sell you on it let me just say it centers on a teen girl whose relationship with her best friend is compromised when her bestie starts dating her older brother, so basically, a big dose of drama is guaranteed. 

7. How To Be Single


How To Be Single follows a 20 something-year-old (Dakota Johnson) adjusting to life as a single woman after breaking up with her boyfriend of a thousand years, getting into weird situations (courtesy of Rebel Wilson’s character), and getting to know herself in the process. This is basically a romantic comedy, more on the comedy side, based in New York City, it’s by no means the movie of the century or a story that stays with you afterward but if you just want something light and fun this is a good pick for sure. 

8. Knives Out


I can’t express how great this movie is in a short paragraph but really this movie is SO GREAT. It’s a murder mystery that is hilarious and fun all at the same time. Plus, the cast is seriously incredible (I’m talking Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, and Daniel Craig) so you truly can’t miss this. If you love a good mystery but want to keep it fun for a sleepover, you won’t find a more perfect choice. 

9. It Follows


If you’re in the mood for something scary and slightly unconventional this definitely fits that criteria. It Follows is about a teenager that wakes up the morning after losing her virginity with a sexually transmitted curse. It’s simultaneously terrifying and beautiful visually. The fact that the premise sounds slightly strange doesn’t escape me, I thought so too before I watched it but it’s worth putting that aside and giving it a shot. It hasn’t been called one of the best horror films of recent years for no reason. 

10. Before Sunrise (or the whole trilogy)


Before Sunrise is about an American boy and a French girl that meet on a train at the end of a backpacking trip through Europe and figure out they have a strong connection while spending their last day in Vienna together. The backdrop of the gorgeous streets of Vienna, the thrill of knowing the characters probably won’t ever see each other again and a young Ethan Hawke makes for a perfect movie experience. 

Plus, if you have the extra time you could make a movie marathon into it since there are two more movies that follow the relationship of these two characters at different points in their lives. 

BONUS: you could always make your friends watch one of your favorite movies. Sharing the things you love with your friends is a great way to feel closer to them. 

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