The Basics Of Understanding Your Birth Chart

Astrology has been getting more & more popular with time. It seems like it’s everywhere these days. From zodiac memes to Tik Toks about celebrity couples’ zodiac compatibility. It’s pretty impossible to escape astrology nowadays. 

With that comes the skeptics. People who say astrology is ridiculous and has no scientific background. Or people who don’t believe in it because they don’t relate to their own sign. 

There are so many misconceptions about astrology. Some people don’t know that you have many signs, a whole chart full of them. It’s called a birth chart. It shows how the planets were aligned at the time of your birth.

You have a zodiac sign for each planet. This explains why you may not relate to your sign. The sign most people know when they get asked for their zodiac sign is the sun sign. If you only take the sun sign into consideration, you’ll get a limited explanation of who someone is. That’s why we love astrology.

Humans are complex so astrology is too

Each planet represents a different area of who you are. The sign you have on that planet is how you are in that area. 

When you analyze all your signs, it’s scary how specific astrology is. You feel like someone looked into your soul. 

If you want to become the astrology friend in your group, this is the perfect article for you. We’ll give you a rundown of the basics of astrology. 


The Sun

The planet in one word: ESSENCE 

Your sun sign is the most well-known sign. When someone gets asked what their zodiac sign is, the sun sign is the one they’d say. 

It sort of represents your personality as a whole. If you have to describe yourself, you’ll likely mention the characteristics of this sign.

It represents your essence, your core self. Like the sun itself, it shines the most.  It shows what your personality & life is centered around. 

It’s one of the most important signs of the birth chart. If not the most important. But, that doesn’t make it everything. If you want to know someone, don’t limit yourself to their sun sign.

The Moon

The planet in one word: EMOTIONS 

The moon represents your inner self. How you are when you’re by yourself or with people very close to you. 

If I had to describe it in one word, it would be EMOTIONS. The moon reveals how your emotions work. How you respond emotionally to life. 

It also represents how you emotionally connect with people. Which makes it super important to consider when looking at compatibility with others. 

It’s one of the most important signs. My personal favorite. Your moon sign shows you so much of yourself. Understanding it will help you decipher your deepest self. 

An interesting fact about the moon sign is that it rules your relationship with your mother.


The planet in one word: EXPRESSION 

Mercury rules our minds. Our way of thinking, processing, and expressing ideas. It’s our intellectual self. 

Look to your Mercury to understand how you learn, teach and communicate.


The planet in one word: RELATIONSHIPS 

Venus revolves around pleasure. Pleasure through relationships. It represents the way you love. Whether that’s in romantic or platonic bonds. 

So, if you wanna know what your crush would be like in a relationship, their Venus sign  is THE ONE to look into

With the planet of love comes beauty. Beauty & harmony concerns Venus as well. It shows your relationship with aesthetics and culture. 


The planet in one word: FIGHT 

Mars rules our passion, drive, and determination. 

It shows you how you fight for yourself and what you desire in life. It’s a passionate planet. You’ll find where your personal power lies in your Mars sign. 

Another thing that falls under Mars is sexuality. How you interact sexually with others & yourself.


The planet in one word: LUCK 

Jupiter is the planet of positivity. It Governs your luck and abundance. By following the path lined by your Jupiter sign, you’ll attract positive things to your life. 

It’s the most spiritually enlightened of all planets. It rules our highest selves, our most connected to the universe side.


The planet in one word: CHALLENGE 

Saturn may not seem like a very positive planet. But, it’s an important one for us to grow and evolve. 

It shows the areas of life where you’ll most likely find hardship and disappointment. Your Saturn sign also tells you in which areas you need to grow and improve most. 

Understanding your Saturn sign will be a great tool in your self-development journey. If you take it into consideration.

Speaking of self-development. We want to help you be your best self in any way we can. Understanding astrology & your own birth chart is brilliant for self-awareness & development. But, we want to give you even more tools.  That’s why we have a 5-Day Mental Health Challenge! Click here to join!


The planet in one word: CHANGE 

Uranus is a collective planet. Which means its sign changes every few years (7 in this case). Thus the energy of the sign it’s in will influence a generation. It shows the energy that generation is going to have. 

Uranus is a planet of change and originality. It’s a planet of rebellion. 

The Uranus sign shows us in what way you’ll bring change to the world. It’s not the planet of revolution for nothing.


The planet in one word: DREAMS 

Neptune is a dual planet. With its beautiful side and its dark side. 

It’s the planet of illusion and spirituality. 

On the positive side. It governs our awareness and connection to the spiritual realm. It’s a dreamy planet. It deals with anything grand & out-of-this-world, like dreams and fantasies. 

Your Neptune sign will show you how to evolve using spirituality. It also shows what you can achieve by following your dreams. 

But, with Idealism comes a dark side. When illusions run too deep, things can be bad. It rules things like addiction, confusion, and escapism. 

So, it’s good to be aware of your Neptune sign. You’ll know in what ways you could experience the negative side and protect yourself. 

Neptune will also be a planet that stays within the same sign for a generation. So, you’ll see that same energy in people around your age.


The planet in one word: TRANSFORMATION 

Pluto is the sign of renewal. Your Pluto sign shows in what area you’ll experience a complete sense of transformation. 

It shows how you’ll be able to find a rebirth if you wish to. From your old to your new self. 

It’s also a planet of power. It rules our personal power, where to find it.  

It’s also a planet that takes years to change the sign it’s in. So the energy is generational. 


The first thing you need to know about the ascendant is that you NEED your exact birth time to get it. If your birth time is off, it could give you the wrong sign. 

The ascendant is super important. It’s one of your main 3 signs, along with the sun & moon sign. 

The ascendant represents the way people perceive you.  

Whatever sign your ascendant is in will influence the way you act with people you don’t know. When you’re first meeting someone or you don’t feel comfortable, you’ll act like your ascendant sign. 

People close to you may see other sides of you, your moon sign, for example, the rising sign is the opposite. 

The rising sign is to your outward self what the moon sign is to your inner self.

You could say the ascendant is your most “Superficial” or “Exterior” self. Your mask. The font you’ve created to protect yourself from the world, based on your experiences. 

Your rising sign will help you understand how & why you present yourself the way you do.


A full birth chart interpretation is complicated. There are many elements to consider to get an in-depth reading. That being said, the planets are the place to start. You’ll get a pretty deep reading from looking at your planets. 

It’s important to remember that each planet carries different energy. A purpose. Each planet will represent something about you. Take that in mind when interpreting the signs you have on each planet. Think of the characteristics of each sign regarding the planet it’s in. And, what the planet represents. 

Another big thing to remember is that humans are contradictory by nature. 

You can have opposite signs within your birth chart. Signs that have very different characteristics. That doesn’t mean astrology is wrong. It means you’re complex. 

Humans are complex in general. We can’t be put into boxes. One person can have two completely different characteristics at once. At different points in time or in different areas of their life. 

Keep that in mind. Astrology reflects how people are so there’s no way it won’t be complex.


As you can tell now, astrology is way more complex than it seems. Your sun sign is a dip of the toe in the infinity pool that is astrology. There’s so much to learn.

The planets are the main thing to understand. They’re the foundation of your birth chart. You need to get them before you dive into anything else. 

If you think astrology is intricate now. Wait until we get into houses, degrees, and aspects. It gets even more specific. 

If you’re one of those people that think astrology is generic. That it gives characteristics for each sign that most people have. I’m sure you’re questioning that now. When you look into your whole birth chart it gets super detailed. 

Astrology is fun to learn about. It’s intriguing to know what your signs mean. But, it can be so much more than a fun way to pass time. If you use what astrology tells you, it’s an incredible tool. 

Astrology is a road map to everything about you. It’s an incredible way to know yourself better. And if you apply what it teaches, it’s an amazing self-development tool. 

We hope you look into your own birth chart. That you take lessons from it. We hope it helps you understand yourself better. And, that this article helps you make sense of everything. 

If you’re interested in astrology. What is the most important planet in a birth chart to you? We’d love to hear from you.

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