The Ultimate Cozy Fall Reading List

When I think about fall, I think about chilly weather, baked goods, falling leaves & knit sweaters. Halloween & (almost) Christmas. The fall season screams COZY. 

The season starts in September and ends on the 21st of December. So, most of the Christmas season is during fall. Which makes fall undeniably the BEST season. I mean, Halloween and Christmas time. What could be better than that?

There’s nothing like curling up under a blanket to read a book

And if you add a nice hot drink, it gets even better. The fall season inspires staying in with a good book. The weather gets colder (sometimes). Days get shorter. The atmosphere gets darker in a way. 

Fall sparks a specific part of me each year. I feel melancholic like I want to reflect on things more. I also get an urge to romanticize everything. Small things feel nicer for some reason. 

On one side, fall makes me crave more literary fantasy, horror & mystery. Who knows? It may be the influence of Halloween. 

On the other hand, I long for the coziest books I can get my hands on. I love anything that screams fall. From stories set in places that remind me of the season to cute love stories. Anything that reminds me of the season flies. Associating books to a season for me depends on the aesthetic & feel of the story. Rather than, in the actual season that the book takes place.

If you wish to curate the perfect reading list for this fall season. We’ll give you some perfect options for this time of year. We chose some stories that are set in the fall & some that remind us of the fall energy. 


The Infernal Devices Trilogy

by Cassandra Clare

You might have heard of the Mortal Instruments Series. A mega-famous fantasy book series. Well, the Infernal Devices books are the prequel to that. The trilogy even follows some of the series character’s ancestors.

The world these books are in is different from the real world. In this one, all legends are true. Warlocks, vampires, and werewolves exist. But the books focus on a different race called the Shadowhunters. Shadowhunters come from the mix of human and angel blood. They were created to protect the world from demons & any evil that may surface.

Infernal devices follow the people that live in the London Shadowhunters Institute. The headquarters for shadowhunters in England.

The trilogy’s main character is Tessa. A young orphan girl who gets sent to London to live with her only family left. Things don’t go exactly to plan. When she gets there she figures out she has a power she never knew about. 

She gets thrust into this world of shadow hunters & the supernatural

You follow her as she navigates her new life at the Shadowhunters Institute. 

Her life in London is shaped by two people. Will & Jem, two shadowhunter best friends that turn her world upside down. This trio has one of the best love stories I’ve read. Don’t fear the love triangle aspect. I usually hate love triangles, and I ADORED this one. I promise it’s unlike any love triangle you’ve read. 

Let me tell you, you will fall in love with these characters. You won’t even know which one you love best. They all have big growth journeys throughout the books. Even the ones that seem bad at first, you’ll love them in the end. 

It’s worth checking out without a doubt. Especially during fall time. The fantastical journey, the slow-burn romance & the setting. This all makes for the best fall-like atmosphere. 

I mean, they’re set in Victorian England. What could be more fall vibes than that?. I had to choose it. 

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

by Ransom Riggs

When Jacob’s grandfather dies, he starts experiencing nightmares & trauma. The nightmares relate to the stories his grandfather told him as a child. Tales about living in an orphanage with peculiar children to hide from the War. He showed Jacob pictures of the kids he lived with, children with special abilities.

Jacob’s psychiatrist tells him he should visit the town his grandfather lived in. He thinks doing this might help him heal. So, he ventures out with his father to the small Welsh town. 

As she explores the old orphanage, Jacob finds that his grandfather may have been right all along. Maybe he wasn’t lying about the peculiar children. 

The creepy childhood stories could have been true all along

The story is very interesting. Unlike any book I’ve read before. It mixes photography into it in a cool way. The story is intriguing and creepy, perfect for fall time. 

Neverworld Wake

by Marisha Pessl

Beatrice hasn’t seen her high school best friends in a year. Since her one-of-a-kind boyfriend, Jim, passed away suddenly. Beatrice has been living in a haze for a year. They never knew what happened to Jim. The case ended without answers. And she doesn’t think her friends are telling the whole truth about what they know. 

She reunites with her estranged group of friends in their old hangout spot. She hopes to ask them what they know about Jim’s death. But as the night progresses, awkward silence takes over, and she thinks she’ll never find out. 

When a mysterious old man knocks on their door, that might change. He announces that they’re stuck in a time loop. They’ll relive the same day over & over until they make a unanimous choice. A life or death choice. Beatrice takes this as her shot to figure out what happened to Jim. 

This story is dark & suspenseful. You won’t be able to put it down until you know what happens. What’s better than a psychological thriller? It screams curling up with a book on a fall afternoon. 

If I Stay

by Gayle Forman

Mia’s life changed in the blink of an eye. One minute she’s on a car ride with her family listening to music. The other she has been in an accident and is looking out at her own body being put in an ambulance. 

As time goes by, she recalls what happens. She realizes what the accident took from her. You go on a journey with her as she figures out what she wants. 

Go or Stay. Live or Die.

As she’s trying to make her decision, she goes through her life in her head. The good & the bad. Her friendships, her first love, the family she has left. As a reader, you go from the present-day to her life pre-accident. 

The book is heart-wrenching. It’ll make you think differently about life. Perfect for a fall afternoon when you’re feeling more melancholy. Be prepared to cry. You may need a few boxes of tissues to get through it. 

Three Dark Crowns

by Kendare Blake

This book follows three sisters. On the island of Fennbirn, a set of triplets is born each generation. Each one possesses different magic. The elemental, the poisoner & the naturalist. Each with equal claim to the throne. But only one is bound to be the next queen. 

They get separated at birth to get trained in their specific brand of magic. But when the time comes, they must fight each other to earn the throne. Whichever one murders her other sisters gets the crown. 

This series has such a unique concept. You’ll feel like you were thrust into this strange new world. It’s dark, moody & fascinating. 

It’s a little slow at first but sticks with it, it picks up towards the end. And it’s the perfect first book to set up for a great series. 

For me, nothing says fall like a dark fantasy. The season puts me in a mood to lose myself in a different world.

Never Saw Me Coming

by Vera Kurian

This book follows an uncommon group of protagonists. A bunch of teenage diagnosed psychopaths. The main character is Chloe, your typical 18-year-old girl. Except, for the fact that her life’s mission is to kill a childhood friend that did her dirty. 

She’s part of a program to study psychopaths. The study is done by a renowned psychologist in her school. He tracks their moods to try to understand & help them live a normal life as much as possible. Being a part of this study gave Chloe, and the seven other students, a full free ride to college. 

The drama starts when the students from the study start getting killed. One by one, the mysterious killer stalks them & tracks them down. Chloe teams up with other members of the program to find the killer.

It’s a unique read

I had never read from the point of view of a psychopath. Nonetheless, one that knows they are one. It was interesting to see the differences in how they experience life. 

This book is a good murder mystery & psychological thriller. Perfect for the fall time. 

Just One Day

by Gayle Forman

Allyson, much to her dismay, gets a trip to Europe as a graduation present. On one of her last days in London, she meets a boy. Dutch actor, Wilhelm, is everything Alison isn’t. Spontaneous, laid-back & fun. On a whim, she decides to go to Paris with him for a day. 

After an incredible day in Paris. Wilhelm is gone, and Alison has to go back to the real world. Back to the United States, to her freshman year of college, to change. As the year goes by, she goes through a huge growth journey. She realizes how closed-off she is to life. 

This is a coming-of-age story, a love story, a travel story. 

The book has its rough moments since Alison goes through a hard time. But overall, it’s a comforting story with many lessons. If you want a cozy & contemplative book, this is it. 


by Rainbow Rowell

For as long as Cath remembers, she’s been obsessed with Simon Snow. The fantasy book series is her whole life. It got Cath and her twin sister through when their mother abandoned them. It even gave Cath her biggest passion, writing. She is the author of one of the most famous Simon Snow fanfictions. 

Simon snow is her comfort space, which she can’t seem to let go of. Her twin Wren, on the other hand, has.

As twin sisters usually are, Cath and Wren have been inseparable from birth. But Wren wants some change. When college comes, Wren doesn’t want to be roommates with Cath. So, Cath gets forced to share a room with a perfect stranger. 

Her social anxiety is through the roof with so much newness

New classmates, new professors, even the cafeteria. It’s all too much. And if you add to that, her edgy older roommate with her sweet charming boyfriend or best friend (who knows?). Cath is out of her comfort zone in every way. 

This book is a great coming-of-age story. You watch Cath’s journey as she opens up to life. If you’ve experienced social anxiety, you’ll relate to her so much. Even more so if you’ve ever been deep in a fandom community. 

This book is like a hug from someone you love. It’s so comforting & cozy. The love story is too cute for words.

It’s the perfect book for a cozy fall night-in.


Harry Potter (the entire series but especially the first 3 books)

Sherlock Holmes (any of the books)


We all want to feel the fall vibes as much as possible. If you live somewhere with permanent summer weather. These books will give you the fall atmosphere you long for. 

All these books give me fall vibes in one way or another. When the clock hits 12 on the 22nd of September, these are some of the stories I reach for. 

Most of these books are thrillers, dark (ish) fantasies or cute romance books. Those are the types of books that I crave during this time. They make me feel like the fall season has started. And, they go perfectly with the mood this season gives off. 

Nothing beats a cozy night-in on a fall weekend. If that sounds like your cup of tea, give these books a chance. They fill all my fall vibes needs, I hope they do for you too.

What about you? What are YOUR favorite fall reads? Leave us a comment below with recommendations.

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