Understanding Your Birth Chart: The Elements

When you hear about astrology, you hear sun signs. If you’re a bit more well-versed in astrology, you might know about the planets. Those are the key things to understand first about western astrology. 

Do you want to understand your birth chart? You have to look at your whole chart. Especially which signs you have on each planet. That would be the first step to understanding your birth chart. 

If that’s your goal, Check out our article on the planets in astrology.


But, if you wish to go deeper. You need to look into everything. Astrology is complex. A good way to get around its complexity is by understanding how zodiac signs are categorized. And most importantly, where you fall there. 

There are many ways to categorize the signs

We have modalities (fixed, cardinal & mutable). The polarities (masculine & feminine). And, of course, the elements. All of these are important, but the elements are perhaps the most. 

Each zodiac sign goes with one of the four elements of nature. The elements we all know: earth, air, water, and fire. There are twelve zodiac signs in astrology, so we have 3 signs that go with each element. 

Sharing the same element doesn’t mean the zodiac signs are the same. Each zodiac sign has its unique characteristics. Influenced by things other than the elements. Being in the same element group means they share general similarities. 

Like being cut from the same branch

When signs share an element, they have similar tendencies. They share a lot of general characteristics & ways of approaching life. But, they still have many things unique to each sign. 

A zodiac sign’s traits that relate to which element they are shouldn’t be everything. There’s more to the zodiac signs than their elements. But astrology is super complicated. Completely understanding each zodiac sign in your birth chart may be difficult. So, knowing what element each sign is will give you a general understanding of the sign.

The elements are a way to make sense of the zodiac signs & your chart in a better way. You should be aware of the dominant elements in your birth chart. That will give you a good idea of who you are. It will help you know yourself on a larger scale. 



Zodiac signs: Leo, Aries & Sagittarius

Actual fire is hard to put out. Fire signs don’t steer far from that. They’re intense.

Fire signs tend to have huge personalities. Big passions, ideas & actions. These people are not the type to like things, they LOVE things. 

They feel every emotion and desire intensely

If you want to get along with a fire sign, you might have to get used to their intensity. 

These people thrive on excitement. They probably aren’t the type to want to stay home & chill. At least not as much as other signs. Going out and doing something that lights them up is their idea of a fun Saturday night. Being very energetic in general means they need to take that energy out somehow.

For that reason, they tend to be impulsive. They’re always searching for the next thing to make them happy. So, if something excites them, they may not take long to think about it. Spending much time overthinking which decision to make isn’t their thing. If their heart desires it, they’ll just do it. 

Something to be jealous of is their strong sense of confidence.

Fire signs know they’re incredible, and they’re not afraid to show it

Their loud confidence usually makes them brave & fierce. Not the type to get scared of going for what they want. And if they are, they’ll do it despite the fear. 

Confidence helps them be very outgoing as well. If you see someone with millions of friends, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re a fire sign. 

They’re usually considered fun signs. Always down for an adventure. They make great friends. The kind of friends that guarantee a good time. You’ll love having them around when they’re in a good place. But you don’t want to cross them. Like most of their emotions, their anger can be enthusiastic too. 

Beware of how volatile they can be. Fire burns quickly, as they say. Their emotions are intense, but they tend to change fast. 


Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Gemini & Libra

Air signs are all about the mind. They’re interested in intellectualism and communication. Anything that stimulates their mind is a sure yes. 

Being ruled by their minds means they’re all about ideas. Always thinking of ways to make things better. They’re not known as the most innovative sign for nothing. 

As the most open-minded signs, they can step out of traditions and see things from different perspectives. 

Air signs are the most likely to step out of the ordinary. To have unlikely jobs & lifestyles.

These people are the representation of the phrase: march to the beat of your own drum.

If you know someone that always goes against the status quo, I bet they have a dominant air birth chart. They’re the people that have crazy ideas. From out-of-the-norm relationships to unpopular opinions. 

These signs are very in their own head. Unlike an earth sign though, they’re not thinking about how to organize their schedule. More likely than not, they’re wondering about some sort of abstract idea they have. 

As a very mind-focused sign, they can be aloof. That doesn’t mean they don’t like you, they just have a hard time getting out of their heads. 

Air signs don’t tend to be limited by physical form

They love drifting from places and people. It’s why they love traveling, meeting new people, and learning. 

If you love an air sign. Beware. They are not the clingy type. As very independent people, they need their space. It may take some getting used to. But, they’re worth it. An air sign friend will challenge you to rethink the world and your ideas about it.

If you want to learn & grow, keep air signs around you. 


Zodiac signs: Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo

Unlike air signs, which get ruled by their minds, earth signs are ruled by the physical world. They’re connected to what they can see, touch, & hear. They tend to be very grounded. You won’t find them fantasizing about random scenarios. Living in the moment is more their cup of tea. 

Being organized and put together is common in earth signs. They care about their surroundings. So, a messy space (or life) drives them crazy. 

For that reason, they tend to be stable people. Not too intense or emotional. They see things in a practical, matter-of-fact kind of way. Their approach to life is like that, too.

They don't let their emotions get the best of them

 Earth signs are the people that see things realistically. Which means they make sensible decisions.

Having practical and stable energy makes them comforting to be around. Being close to an earth sign is being sure that you always have someone. They won’t be the friend that is sometimes too busy to be there for you. Canceling or changing plans is not something they do. I

When an earth sign makes a promise, they come through. When they care about you, they’re dedicated. 

If you want a serious long-term relationship, earth signs are a safe choice. With an earth sign partner, you get the most reliable out of the zodiac. Yet, their realistic approach can make them stubborn & stuck in their ways. 

Don’t even try to change their mind, especially with emotional or philosophical arguments. More times than not, they’ll turn you down. 


Zodiac signs: Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio

Water signs are all about EMOTION. They feel things deeply, the most out of all zodiac signs. These people are very in tune with themselves and the people around them. They’re empaths. Don’t try to hide how you’re feeling to a water sign. They’ll see right through you. 

Being a nurturer comes with being an empath. Water signs enjoy taking care of others. If you want a friend that will be there when you’re at your worst, find yourself a water sign. 

Inner connection is everything to a water sign

Searching for connection is their life-long journey. This makes them much more connected to the spiritual realm than the other elements. Many water signs are into astrology, tarot, and other spiritual practices. 

They also tend to be imaginative & creative. A deep connection to emotions & the spiritual world makes them great artists. Feeling so much makes for a lot of things to express. Many of them do it through music, writing, and all forms of art. 

Anything that has to do with the spiritual world or fantasies is down their alley. This makes them imaginative. But it can also make them disconnected from reality. If your water sign friend gets lost when you’re talking to them. Don’t get mad. They want to listen but their inner fantasies are just too interesting.


One of the best ways to interpret a birth chart is by looking at the elements. Check which are the dominant ones in the chart. Some websites calculate which percentages you have of each element. 

People that have most planets in an earth sign have an earth-dominant chart. And so on with each element. That means that, in general, you have the most energy coming from that element. 

You should keep in mind that people are contradictory. Astrology is a representation of people. Thus astrological birth charts can be contradictory too. You may have a ton of fire & a ton of air in your chart. These elements tend to have opposite traits. That doesn’t mean your birth chart is wrong. It means you’re a complex human. 

We can’t put ourselves into boxes. It’s normal to be practical & impulsive at once, during different moments or circumstances. 

So, you can have a dominant earth birth chart that has a lot of water too. That’s fine. 

Most people don’t have 100% water signs. Having a mixture of all elements is more common. Although, there’s usually a dominance of one or two. Those are the strongest energies in your personality.


As you can tell, The elements of the zodiac are crucial. If you want to understand astrology, you have to comprehend them. You can’t be an astrology lover without getting the hang of the elements. They’re referenced in any astrology content you may want to consume. 

Remember, no element is better than another. Each one has its good side and its bad one. 

It’s all about balance. In a perfect world, we’d all have a proportional mixture of all elements. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. Most of us have some that dominate our chart. 

That’s the point of astrology. To use it to make your life better. If you notice your chart lacks earth signs. Look for people with heavy earth energy. They’ll help keep you grounded. That goes for any element you may lack in your chart. 

We hope this article helps you understand astrology better. We want to hear from you! Tell us what element is strongest in your birth chart? And, what do you love about having the energy of that element?

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