You Have To Do These Things In Dublin

Dublin is an enchanting place. It has the fast energy of a cosmopolitan city and the intimate feeling of a charming small town mixed into one.  

It’s the biggest city in Ireland and its capital. So, you’ll find a ton of things to do. But it doesn’t feel like a big city in the way London does. It feels a lot homier if that makes sense.  

It’s filled with history. While walking the streets you’ll transport to Dublin’s past. There are so many beautiful historic buildings and monuments all through town.

The energy of the Irish is present everywhere in this city. You’ll pass many street performers and singers in a short walk. All trying to keep the animated energy going. And they achieve it. 

Dublin’s vibrant and vivacious spirit is contagious. 

If you find yourself in a more high-spirited mood while you’re there, Dublin is rubbing off on you.   

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The Guinness Storehouse Factory

A tour around the Guinness storehouse factory is a typical Dublin tourist activity. If you know anything about the Irish, you know they love their beer. The tour takes you through the process of how the beers get made and the history of the brand. I’m not a beer enthusiast and I still thought it was cool.  

That being said, the best part was the ending. When you finish the tour, you can go to the rooftop. You can get a 360 view of the city, it’s very beautiful. It definitely makes the experience more worth it.  

Walk around Trinity College

Trinity College is the top university in the country. Basically the Harvard of Ireland. As you can guess, since it is Europe, the campus is beautiful. It looks more like it could be Queen Elizabeth’s third home than an actual school.  

It’s a main attraction because they filmed Harry Potter there. In the school’s library. Lucky for you, you can go in. So, If you like pretending you go to Hogwarts, there’s no better place to do it.  On the chance you’re also a Normal People fan, this is the place Marianne and Connell go to school. There’s that too.  

If you’re not a Potterhead or a Normal people lover, you should go. The campus is beautiful. Definitely worth a quick visit.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The St. Patrick’s Cathedral is in Dublin’s center. It’s one of the most known attractions for a reason. Its architecture is beautiful.  Even if you’re not a churchgoer, you’ll appreciate its beauty. If you would like to attend mass, you can find the schedule online.   

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is a breath of fresh air in the city. It’s huge, considered to be the biggest park in Europe. And a sample of the beautiful sceneries Ireland has to offer. You could spend a whole day there. Some people rent bikes to explore.  It’s the home to local wildlife so you might even see some animals.

  It’s the perfect place for a picnic. Grab a basket, your favorite foods, and have a beautiful day in Phoenix Park.  

Walk around the Temple Bar area

The area around Temple Bar is a must, especially at night. It’s a super lively and fun district in the heart of the city. It’s filled with little pubs and restaurants. As well as street performers and people in general. 

 If you’re looking to get a feel of the city & its people, this is the place to go.  

Check out the street art

As a cosmopolitan & very lively city, Dublin has very cool street art. If you keep an eye out, you’ll see colorful drawings, inspirational quotes & even funny murals.  

Pay special attention to the Temple bar area, you’ll see really cool art there.  

Dublin Castle

First of all, it’s beautiful. It’s one of those places where you feel like even the bathroom sink has an interesting story behind it. It’s of course been home to various royals. As well as, the center of political events. It’ll be especially exciting if you’re a history buff.  

They have changing exhibitions, art exhibitions. If you’re lucky they’ll have a nice one while you’re there. It’s worth checking when you visit.  

Visit Temple Bar & a traditional pub

Temple Bar has become a Dublin institution. It’s so iconic that the area it’s in is named after it. It’s one of the most famous spots in the city for sure. And, the cool red exterior is a great place for a photo. Yet, it is one of the pricier places to get a drink in the area. 

 If you want a more traditional experience, which I 100% recommend. You should visit a local pub. The city is full of them. There are many around the temple bar area. But, you’ll find one in any neighborhood.  

Unlike Temple Bar, local pubs will be less crowded. They’re a better choice if you want to make conversation. If you think you shouldn’t go because you’re not a drinker or partier. Give them a chance. You can order soda or even food in some.  

The atmosphere in pubs is relaxing and fun. Some even have live music. Irish people love pubs, they’re a part of their culture. It makes them a great place to meet locals. 

Walk, walk, walk!

When I visited Dublin I used public transportation 3 times. A taxi ride from the airport to the hostel, a random bus trip, and a taxi from the hostel back to the airport. The rest of the week was spent on foot. And, let me tell you, that was THE BEST decision. 

There’s no better way to see Dublin- and most cities – than by foot.  I recommend you walk everywhere. When you walk instead of taking taxis or the bus, not only are you saving money. You get to see the ENTIRE CITY. Okay, maybe not the entire city but most of it. Definitely, more than you will if you take public transportation.

 If you walk to get from point A to B, you’ll see places you wouldn’t otherwise. Pass neighborhoods that aren’t “touristy”. You’ll get a look at what life is like for the locals. 

Connect with locals

One of the best things about this country is the people.  

Unlike people from most European countries, Irish people are friendly. Not to say other Europeans are rude, they’re usually polite. But, they are generally cold compared to the Irish. Of course, this is a generalization. There are all kinds of people in every country. I’m talking about how they’re perceived culturally. As well as my personal experience.  

They make you feel welcome and at home. Most of them are up for a conversation even if they don’t know you. Their reputation as social butterflies lives up. 

You can feel the fun and lively vibe everywhere. It’s great energy to be around. If you want to have the best time possible in Dublin, try connecting with locals. Whether that be going up to someone in a pub or the streets. 

Even making conversation with a store cashier or waiter. You don’t have to find a new best friend if talking to strangers isn’t your thing. But, connecting with locals in any small way will give you a sense of what the people are like.  


 As you can tell now, Dublin has so much going for it. If you’re considering a visit, don’t think twice, GO. You won’t regret choosing it as your next destination. Between the amazing people, beautiful architecture, and vibrant energy. There’s no better place to be.  

It may not be one of the most popular cities on a EuroTrip but it should be. It deserves way more hype than it gets. 

If you decide to go, I’m sure you’ll become the new Dublin hype man. You’ll be the one pushing all your finish to give it a chance. 

If you’ve already visited or you live there. What places would YOU recommend visiting in Dublin?  

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